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Use of the jobtool24 edition for Audi

The jobtool24 edition for Audi provides all Audi partners with modern and attractive
job ads for all relevant job profiles
in the Audi dealerships network. Thematically, they
cover all kinds of requirement profiles - from vocational training to specialists
to executives.

Job Advertising made Easy

In your jobtool24 Customer Portal, simply select a pre-designed job ad amongst the
templates, fit it to your needs if required, then instantly publish it on
the Audi Sales Career website and on your Audi dealership website (IPH)
with a single click.
If desired, you can additionally publish the ad on another company website as well as
on your Facebook profile.
After the ad's publication, candidates will be able to apply online quickly and easily.
Depending on your choice of package, you will then either receive the individual
applications as compact PDF files attached to personal e-mails, or you will smoothly
manage the candidates in your jobtool24 Customer Portal.

Contact Information:

For further information about the jobtool24 edition, its prices and the possibility of
registering online, please log in to the secure Audi section on the top right corner of this page.

If you do not have any access data yet, please ask your technical advisor about them or directly request them from us by e-mail or telephone:


For non-German parties interested in this particular edition:

    Sample for a job advertisement
    Sample for a job advertisement