Analyze the potentials of your employees and applicants  –
effective, modern, fast and secure

Aside of the professional suitability, soft skills like target control, capacity for teamwork, responsibility, motivation and willingness to learn are crucial and deciding factors of professional success. Our potential analyses, which are in other words powerful and highly effective online assessment centers, provide you with a convincing and valid overview of the soft skills of your employees and applicants alike.


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Analyze soft skills and potentials in 3 steps:

1. Send a potential analysis to your employees/applicants


We provide you with your own customer-specific and safe customer portal (SSL secured) to manage your analysis projects, the test candidates and potential analyses. You can access your customer portal comfortably via the Internet.


Use the customer portal to send the potential analyses to employees or applicants with an invitation e-mail and link to start the online assessment center.

2. Applicants and employees carry out the potential analysis


The applicants or employees edit the questions step by step in a simple, easy-to-use system.

The applicants or employees have the ability to interrupt the potential analysis at any point and to continue later at the same point thanks to an individual “Link-ID” submitted to them by e-mail earlier.

3. Check the potential analysis results in the customer portal


The system informs you immediately per e-mail as soon as the applicant or employee has completed the potential analysis. Your customer portal gives you the ability to check the potential analysis results instantly (results overview).