tool24 - Always a step ahead

Always a step ahead - tool24 gmbh is a German private limited company headquartered in Fellbach, situated on the outskirts of Stuttgart and embedded in one of Germany’s most dynamic and innovative regions. With over 20 years of HR management and marketing experience, tool24 is the expert in the...more


Auto Bach Gruppe introduces hrtool24

Introducing hrtool24, Autohaus Bach group (with around 450 employees) digitize and noticeably simplify their HR work. hrtool24, the effective all-in-one HR management solution, will optimize the company's work processes, organization and internal communication.more


Hans Brandenburg starts using jobtool24

Hans Brandenburg GmbH significantly optimize their recruitment. Using the Potential Analysis, they also receive sound potentials and soft skills overviews of their applicantsmore


Maschek Automobile introduces jobtool24

By introducing jobtool24, all 4 locations of With jobtool24, the Bavaria-based car dealership group Autohaus Maschek Automobile will recruit new employees and trainees quickly and easily. Their modern and attractive public profile represents the company as an attractive employer.more


Autohaus Entenmann starts using jobtool24

All 4 locations of the car dealership group Autohaus Entenmann are now recruiting the quick and easy jobtool24 way. By also using the Potential Analysis, they add to that a sound potentials and soft skills analysis, as well as a targeted pre-screeningmore


Autohaus Liebsch introduces jobtool24

The introduction of jobtool24 noticeably simplifies the recruitment process of the car dealership Autohaus Liebsch. This family business is now working with attractive job ad templates to be posted on the job portals of Volkswagen and Audi.more


Autohaus Richard Stein starts using jobtool24

With the introduction of jobtool24, the HR recruitment of the car dealership group Autohaus Richard Stein is significantly simplified. Their attractive job advertisements are quickly and easily published on Volkswagen's career sites.more


Widmann + Winterholler Gruppe starts using jobtool24

From now on, all 7 locations of this car dealership group are recruiting their staff quickly and easily with jobtool24. By also using the integrated Potential Analysis, they get a reliable overview of each analyzed candidate's potential and soft skills.more


Koch Auto.Gruppe introduces jobtool24

By introducing jobtool24, the recruitment process is noticeably simplified at this car dealership group's 7 locations. Company-specific responsive job portals for its website and Facebook profile increase the company's employer attractiveness and job market potential.more


Auto Thomas Firmengruppe introduces jobtool24 ein

All 7 locations of this group are now advertising vacancies the quick, easy and cost-effective way. As employers, they are skillfully distinguished from their competition by company-specific responsive job portals for their website and Facebook profile.more

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